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Ways to Clean The Evaporator On Your Air Conditioning Unit

It is essential to understand the job of the evaporator in your air conditioning unit. The evaporator receives the liquid refrigerant. What the evaporator does is facilitate the fan which blows air over the cold coils to chill the air. A clean working evaporator is essential to your air conditioning unit running efficiently.

Depending on the type of air conditioning system you have, your evaporator may or may not be accessible. The evaporator should be found in the cold side of your AC unit in the plenum. If it is accessible, you should clean it minimally every year. If the plenum is sealed in a metal box you will not have the ability to access it and will need to call a qualified expert. If the plenum has foil wrapped insulation, it should be easily accessible for you to clean it.

For an accessible evaporator, the first step is to remove the foil wrapped insulation. Typically this is taped in place and can be easily removed. Keep in mind, you'll want to do this carefully as you'll need to replace it later on. What you'll need is a screwdriver to remove the screws in the access plate in order to lift the plate off.

When the plate is removed, you'll want to utilize a stiff brush to clean the whole underside of the evaporator. Many times, individuals can use a mirror to help you see the locations in the back. It is essential to keep in mind the evaporators can many times be slid out just a bit. When sliding the evaporator out, just be careful not to bend any pipes connected to it.

You'll also want to clean the tray underneath the evaporator. The function of the tray is to carry condensation away from the evaporator unit. You can use bleach on the tray to avoid fungi growth. It's suggested to put a full table spoon of household bleach into each hole. If you live in an extremely damp climate, it's extremely suggested that you check the drain and the pan a minimum of 3 times weekly.

When the weep holes have been cleared and bleach has been poured in, you'll want to go about placing the evaporator back in its location. You'll want to slide the evaporator back into place if you moved it out. Get the plate and screw the plate back into place. Make sure you tape the insulation back over the plate and the unit itself.

To check your job, turn your air conditioning unit back on and check for any air leaks. These leaks can be sealed with duct tape. As an extra precaution, you might want to check the condenser if your AC unit still does not appear to be operating effectively.Air Conditioning Service Mesa AZ\nA/C Services Mesa AZ

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